Bronislav Vinogrodsky Creativity of states, or Art of guided coincidence
March, 21st - May, 19th 2012

The new exhibition in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery continues the cycle Masters Space where the well-known practitioners, psychologists, masters of spiritual traditions embody and pass on the experience and knowledge by means of visual arts. We present Bronislav Vinogrodsky sinologist, writer, public figure, translator of Chinese symbolic texts The Book of Changes, Dao De Jing, "Chzhuan-tszy". His drawings sending us back to Chinese calligraphy, with the author's texts on them, will form the exposition Creativity of states, or Art of guided coincidence.

Some works were created by two hands simultaneously in order to transfer the trace of interaction of two halves of the soul. Besides drawing techniques, Chinese calligraphy and poetry the author used elements of practical semiotics while creating this series of works. This research of language signs properties and sign systems allows constructing the system of the new type in order to change the consciousness of the spectator, who is interacting with the artistic-semantic row.

For many years the author is engaged in decoding and denouement of the working codes of "The Book of Changes as well as in many ancient techniques and practices, based on The Book of Changes and Dao De Jing, and it is reflected in the works he presented. The texts written on the paintings are the integral part of the art works. They do not simply supplement the meaning shaped by the connection of hand movements, pen, spirit, will and a concept of the artist but also present the movements of meanings in the consciousness of the author. That is, if the movements of meanings is transferred on the paper, having connected the various concepts stated in the verbal form there appear the pattern, not less alive and fascinating, than the drawings themselves. The pattern harmoniously supplementing and cooperating with the lines on the paper, white field and the combination of colors.

According to Vinogrodsky, the artist possesses three kinds of active personality, being simultaneously the artist of intelligent actions, the artist of guided coincidence and the artist of playing states. In this design the leading role belongs to a play. Play is the main action and the movement of spirit, capable to generate, create, correct and transform the meanings in the consciousnesses of community. All works presented at the exhibition are created and meant to be the part of the huge game directed on changing the ways of shaping the meaning in communities. Drawings are, as a matter of fact, the authors visually-active comments on The Book of Changes, - the basic semiotic tool of changing the ways of shaping the meanings on our planet, which remained in its complete form till now. The Book of Changes gives the possibility to be engaged in a direct transformation of ways of creating games which people and communities play in the consciousness of the world.

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