Magic Uranographia / Music for reading and sudden journeys
November, 24th, 2011 January, 28th, 2012

Some facts from biography of the artists. Labyrinths.

Experts call this art form where Sergey de Rokambol and his wife and coauthor Anna Nikolaeva realized themselves - abstract art or meta-conceptualism. Artists performed their first conceptual action in 1976. The situation with flutes this was the name of the action during which a large quantity of bamboo flutes was given out to people. To the 300 anniversary of the Petersburg university de Rokambol constructed a classical Parthian labyrinth on its territory. This "Labirint-300" exists until now and can be used as magic object. At the festival "Archstoyanie-2010" de Rokambol and Nikolaeva constructed a collage of three big labyrinths art interpretation of real-life zodiac structure.

The name Magic Uranographia comes from the Greek name of the sky urano. The term uranographia literally means sky drawing and is connected with the description of Heavens similar to mapping. The cartographer represents and describes the real physical form of the surface of our planet. The sky doesn't manage to be represented so simply. What we consider as a sky is the appearance of the Universe from the surface of the Earth, and the space of the Universe is multi-dimensional. Quantities of measurements, over those three which are well-known, are added in the consciousness of the observer, in opinion of de Rokambol. Artists are convinced that art has started as mapping of internal and external spaces of a human presence. The person is capable to construct the individual world map, using which he has a possibility to consider strategically a composition of his own life.

Atrium Alphabet was created by Sergey Rokambol and Anna Nikolaeva in 1987. It became the result of search of the capacious and universal form for expression of the concepts, difficultly audible and hardly notable the unknown spaces how artists call them. Having begun with the point as the bases, through the line, the plane and the dimension authors have tried to describe the world with the combinations of the minimum number of elements submitting to a special geometry. They consciously have reduced quantity of fragments into which it is possible to divide the world, to a certain number. And they created the original model of the Universe which can be used for contemplation, games and ritual actions.