Exhibition «Taro. Alchemy of Damanhur»
26.11.10 - 12.02.11

At the end of November ambassadors of the Federation of Damanhur in northern Italy will visit Moscow on a cultural mission. From November 24th till December 9th, Elena Vrublevskaya gallery will host presentations, lectures, master classes and theme events devoted to world famous eco-community and underground Temples of Humankind, created by the hands of Damanhurians. An art exhibition of the paintings dedicated to the Tarot by Damanhur's founder Oberto Airaudi will be on show in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery till February 2011.

Founded in 1975, Damanhur is a Federation of communities and eco-settlements with a dynamically developing structure. The community numbers about one thousand permanent residents, has a Constitution, a currency, schools for children from kindergarten to middle school, an Open University, a daily paper, arts and crafts workshops, and laboratories for medical and scientific research. In 2005 Damanhur was awarded by International Settlement Forum of the United Nations as a model of sustainable community, and in 2008 it was recognized for its commendable application of the Earth Charter principles.

Damanhur is well known around the world also thanks to the underground Temples of Humankind, considered by many as "the eighth wonder of the world". Every year thousands of people visit Damanhur to try out the social model, study the philosophy and to meditate in its Temples. The Water Hall, the Earth Hall, the Hall of Spheres, the Hall of Mirrors, the Metal Hall, the Blue Temple and the Labyrinth: The Temples of Humankind are an underground work of art, created entirely by hand and dedicated to the divine nature of humanity. The Temples of Humankind symbolically represent the inner rooms inside every human being.

Walking through its halls and corridors corresponds to a profound journey inside oneself. The Temples wind for over 8,500 cubic metres on five different levels, connected to one another by hundreds of metres of corridors. They arise in the place where the Eurasian continental plate meets the African plate, pushing up a mineral 300 million years old: it is mylonite, a rock that carries the physical energy of the earth.

The inspiration for the building of the Temples of Humankind came from Oberto Airaudi, the founder of Damanhur, whose paintings are on display in the Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery. Oberto Airaudi?s paintings are made according to the ancient technique of "Selfica", discovered anew and developed by Damanhurians in over 35 years of research. This technique is based on use of metals, ink, minerals and alchemical liquids to convey energies that interact with the environment and human beings. In the transposition of Selfic principles to painting, colours represent the different metals, and combine with ancestral symbols and signs. Each painting can be considered as a page of a Book of Knowldege. Works are made with several layers of colours that change completely under different lights, showing an example of real alchemy in painting.