Sergey Orlov «Lemurians. The Third Race»
01.10.10 - 20.11.10

New exhibition in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery is about an ancient civilization of Lemurians. According to mythology, continent Lemuriya as well as later Atlantis, went down on a bottom of Indian ocean after global space accident. Artist Sergey Orlov offers his version of images of the ancient beings – predecessors of our civilization.

Lemurians, or the Third Race in mythology of the different people is the disappeared civilization of the ancient Earth which has stopped its existence as a result of space cataclysm. The civilization of Lemurians preceded Atlantis; its continent was in Indian Ocean. Lemurians had a very developed physical body, but they yet haven't lost super abilities of their predecessors – more ancient races. Studying of the Third Race is presently of special interest as many qualities of Lemurians have remained in a modern civilization as rudiments. For example, ability to prediction, to moving in space and time, ability to levitation. They exist in a person as potential, but went deeply in subconscious area and are in a sleeping condition.

The mythological description of the Third Race has only approximate character. Visualization of the images of Lemurians, undertaken by Sergey Orlov, gives the chance of the closer dialogue with our ancient ancestors. The spectator is offered to remember that he belongs to a very high category of conscious beings which have old and great history of evolution of consciousness. As well as great present and future. Dialogue occurs not only at visual level, but also on the subtle plan. Work on this exhibition is connected with immersing of the author in a changed state of mind that allows us to treat the project as a visionary art.

Since 1990 Sergey Orlov was the member of  TANATOS group, which investigated sacral field in art. Sacral art is an original code with the help of which there occurs a connection to the information containing in the surrounding world. Visionary artists are capable to take it through their creativity, transferring this information from the subtle undeveloped plans to a visible and material field.

Sergey Orlov is the painter and the graphic, he  lives in Izhevsk. Since 1990 he was the member of TANATOS group. In 2000 he participates in a group exhibition «UGROCULTURE 2000» in Helsinki(Finland). In 2002 – in the International Novosibirsk drawing biennale. In 2010 - in lend-art festival "Archstoyanie" in the village Nikolo-Lenivets in Kaluga region (the project « Sarcophagus - Antizikkurat», curator Oleg Kulik.)