Maria Kononova "The 1st of September in Moscow"
02.09.10 - 18.09.10

This year the artist Maria Kononova is going to be thirteen. She has been drawing for ten years. Despite the early age, Masha is already a successful artist. The confirmation of this fact is her personal exhibitions in Belgium, England, Australia, and the generated circle of collectors of her works. But parents don't consider her to be a child prodigy. Just the ordinary child growing up in a happy family and creating her world on a canvas.

When Masha's pictures have been shown to experts in the Tretyakov gallery, they've noticed that the girl is gifted and that she has an easy hand. They have advised her not to learn to draw till fifteen years - otherwise her originality can be gone. Therefore Maria Kononova has successfully mastered perspective, dimension, composition and technique of drawing with water color and oil independently.

Her grandfather - a well- known Moscow doctor and writer Vladimir Naidin - was the first who noticed Masha's talent to fine arts. It was him who has kept Masha's first drawing - a dog whom she draw on a napkin when she was three years old. Subsequently Masha illustrated the majority of the books written by her well-known grandfather.

Probably, the secret of Masha's success is in her family - creative, intelligent and friendly. Masha's grandfather on the father's lineage, Igor Kononov, is graphic and illustrator, his wife was also a famous colorist and illustrator. Masha's mother is a musician-violinist, her father is a big expert in computers.

Maria Kononova was born in the USA, and now lives in Belgium together with her parents. She often travels, and always makes a considerable quantity of sketches in her trips, many of which are then transferred on a canvas. Masha manages to reproduce very precisely the atmosphere of the cities of the world - Paris, Amsterdam, Petersburg, Venice, London. But nevertheless Masha considers Moscow her native city, and she devoted some canvases to this city. Recently east motives appeared in Masha's works - these are pictures "Nepal" and "Meditation". They will be shown in September at Elena Vrublevskaya gallery which is focused on eastern traditions in modern art.

Apart from her basic occupation - painting, Masha Kononova tries herself as a fashion designer. In 2008 she made a collection of children's clothes which she showed in several countries, and gained the status of "the youngest fashion designer". For several years Masha is the grant-aided student of Spivakov's fund, actively taking part in many cultural actions of the fund in different countries. The part of means from sale of Masha's pictures and post cards goes on charity - to children's house in Tula, boarding school in Petersburg, a commune for children-orphans in Peru.

On the 1st of September, in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery, Maria Kononova will give a master class for children of average and younger school age. Under the direction of Masha children together will create an eastern symbol - mandala.

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