Transfigurations. Visionary Art of Alex Grey
04.06.10 - 15.07.10

The gallery celebrates its anniversary with exhibition of the famous American artist, acknowledged missionary of Visionary art Alex Grey. In the second half of June, at the invitation of Elena Vrublevskaya, the author will visit Moscow, where he gives several performances and workshops.

The works of Alex Grey have already become a classic of psychedelic art. In the 70-ies he studied art at various Art colleges in America. For about five years Grey has worked in the pathology department at Harvard Medical Academy. This experience has become a major prerequisite for further studies in painting, including illustration of medical texts and manuals. Excellent training in human anatomy helped Grey later to combine in his paintings the vision of the subtle world with the physical world. However not only medical knowledge and artistic skills have made Alex Grey who he is. Spiritual practices and tremendous visionary experience played a major role in the formation of Grey as an artist, having determined his original author's style.

Within ten years, Alex Grey taught artistic anatomy and sculpture at New York University. He designed albums "In Utero" for group Nirvana and "Ill Communication" for Beastie Boys. A disk of group Tool "10.000 Days", with a picture of Alex as a cover, won a Grammy Award for "Best album artwork". One of the most complex works of Grey is the cycle of paintings "The Sacred Mirrors". These works represent a Man in different layers of reality. They are stored in the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors in New York, founded by Alex, together with artist Allyson Grey, his wife and co-author for thirty five years.

The main theme of Grey's creativity is an indivisible "Anatomy of Human Life", arranged on a common "designer" principle. Among matter inherent to any human being - a physical body - the artist places the unseen to usual sight subtle bodies. Energy centers and channels according to Grey have similar construction in everybody. Thus, one at each moment of his life is able reside both in material and in non-material - subtle astral world. Medicine, art, mysticism - the knowledge from these areas helps Grey to reflect in his paintings this multifaceted world.

Alex Grey and his wife arrive in Moscow in the second half of June. Moscow public expects a series of performances and workshops in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery, and Alex Grey's seminar on visionary art in the context of the Seventeenth World Transpersonal Congress.

The exhibition of Alex Grey is timed to the anniversary date of the exhibition space. In June, Elena Vrublevskaya gallery celebrates its tenth anniversary - ten years of close study of Oriental cultural traditions embodied in contemporary art.

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