Alena Tel'pukhovskaya «Sky blue»
In a parallel with the program of Photobienalle 2010 '
03.04.10 - 11.05.10

Journey to the bottomless depths of pure feminine soul, involved in the game of earthly passions… Passion, bringing immeasurable joy, and endless suffering. This is what the new exhibition of Alena Tel'pukhovskaya is devoted to. Naked female feelings are expressed through the power of nature, to which one can only submit and wait.

Lake Baikal is the play of endless blue sky and untroubled water caught in the ring of the shores. Their ceaseless talk. The struggle and the unity of two principles - male and female. The eternal dance of anticipation and painful waiting for the charm of the meeting, developing into a storm of passion, destroyed by doubts and the specter of the inevitable parting, coming to the state of shaky peace at the end.

These states clearly divide the exposition into seven equal parts, while the first and the last part are visually similar to each other, thus revealing the cyclicity of everything what is happening. This is anticipation, expectation, charm, passion, doubt, separation and peace, through which a Girl passes - the image of a woman's soul. And over and over again thin bodiless emotions, laid on each other in the flow of time, get the density and become almost tangible. Successfully found method of multiple exposures allowed Tel'pukhovskaya to compress the discrete moments of our transient sensations in a single image. And this method has brought an additional temporal coordinate besides spatial ones, thus imparting her works an incredible depth of the impact on the viewer.

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