Igor Kalinauskas «Initial Space»
04.02.10 - 27.02.10

Elena Vrublevskaya gallery presents Igor Kalinauskas with his new exhibition "Initial Space". The distinctive feature of the author is universality of creative expression. He has been able to acquire such fields of activity as philosophy, psychology, theater, music and art. The primary underlying human response - to it Kalinauskas refers in this exhibition, having in his stock an impressive experience in psychology.

The number of activity areas in which the author of "Initial Space" has realized himself surprises indeed. Igor Kalinauskas started as a director, but later was dragged by Science - Psychology and Philosophy. He certainly succeeded in there as evidenced by academic degrees and numerous publications. On the account of Kalinauskas-musician are twenty albums, where he acts as the author and as the performer. And finally, what inspires Igor in the past ten years is fine art. Like anyone else, Kalinauskas has an amazing universality of creative expression. The author is not afraid of new fields; on the contrary, he feels the constant need to discover new activities, where he can bring his experience to, from the other, already mastered skills.

The growing interest of people to psychology is often due to their desire to learn something new about themselves. The motive for obtaining advice from psychologist may not be only the solution of personal problems, but also the desire to learn more about oneself, the need for self-study. Most classical and modern psychological schools are studying and working with the primary reactions of the individual. Going deep to basics, to the hidden feelings, they are able to respond to the issues facing people, to solve many of their problems.

By presenting the exhibition "The Initial Space" Igor Kalinauskas poses a similar problem. Turning directly to the primary human reactions, works in the exhibition become a kind of psychological tool. Thus the presence of Kalinauskas-psychologist is not even necessary. Artworks themselves organize and form the space, in such a way enabling us to get acquainted with ourselves in non-verbal way.

Master-classes of the exhibition "Initial Space"

Olga Tkachenko
"Voice of the body, voice of the Soul, voice of the Universe"

Vibration and meditative singing is an ability to use voice and body. This is the ability to restore ones mental energy and emotional balance. This is a meeting with ones inner “self”.
February 16 and 25, 2010

Eva Veselnitskaya
"Play with space "  is a presentation of the method of active self-regulation "Flame Flower"(by Igor Kalinauskas)

"Space of life. Space of art. Space of your home. Space of your feelings and emotions. In the hectic life we lose the unity of oneself and the world. I invite you to a situation where you have the opportunity to restore these links and get an inexhaustible source of energy and creative impulses." More than 30 years ago, DFS technique was patented as a practical tool to work with psychoenergy.

Differentiable Functional Status - the scientific name of what is simple and needful:
- how to perceive correctly;
- how to respond adequately;
- how not to get lost in the situation and turn it into ones favor;
- how to expand the boundaries of ones world;
- how to build relationships, career, dialogue with the surrounding world.
February 17. 17.00
free entry

Virginia Kalinauskene
Meditation "Initial Space"

Meditation is an inside job, differentiation and structuring of the inner world. This is the ability to handle the content of ones own consciousness. In meditation the perception of oneself as the opening world takes place, the comprehension of the diversity and the depth of the surrounding world.
February 27, 18:00

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