Roksolana Chernoba Place of Power
27.11.09 - 23.01.10

In Buryat myths and legends Olkhon- is the abode of menacing spirits of Lake Baikal. A poetic legend about the origin of Buryat people is connected with the island. Olkhon is considered to be a sacred center of the northern shamans world. Near Shamanka rock there are the ribbons in the trees fluttering in the wind: this is Burhan - the place of spirits worship. In the places where people believe and worship for a long time, nature attains a powerful energy that could influence a person. Visiting a sacred place, one should always remember that the curse of the ancient shamans is always valid. Time has no power over it.

In addition to shamanism, this place is directly related to Buddhism. With proliferation of this religion Shamanka rock changed its name to Burhan cape God, Buddha. Olkhon is the quintessence of the Baikal nature. The island is located in the center of wind rose, where the wind is changing its direction every half hour. Barguzin, sarma - perhaps it is these strong winds that fascinate strong people, whisper something mysterious to them and tempt them here, on the shore of the worlds largest freshwater lake.

PLACE OF POWER attracts very different people from around the world - hunters and travelers, pilgrims and mystics. One can hear any speech on Olkhon: Korean, Spanish, English with an Australian accent. In the evening around the campfire one can meet a delegation from the Louvre, in the morning, inspired by another legend of the island one can go to look for the tomb of Genghis Khan, and during the day - by chance one will meet, for example, Denis Matsuev and other musicians who came to the festival in Irkutsk and couldnt stop visiting Olkhon. Baikal has an unusual sound: it is neither even in the wind, nor in the waves. I used to listen to the lake, putting my ear to the ice,- says Denis.

Chief Editor of DE I / DESILLUSIONIST magazine Roksolana Chernoba has experienced the energy of this place to a full extent. She found herself on Olkhon accidentally, and planned to stay there for only a few days, but Island let her off only in a few weeks. The result appeared to be a series of photographs and the exhibition Places of Power and the author here is not an exterior observer, but one of the actors.

Life and Time always put everything into its place as the Buddhist monks say.

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