Irina Maschitskaya
05.03.09 - 04.04.09

"Art Crystal Brut" by Irina Maschitskaya is the exhibition consisting of nine round non-figurative works of a large format (d= 92 cm). Pictorial chromatic spheres gravitating towards abstraction are painted basing on the harmonious color combinations. All images represent a single cycle, the center of which is a many-parted black and white canvas "Eternal Truth".

There is a trend in art called art-brut, art in its pure form (brut is a raw material, something that exists in its "pure" natural form). It is created by the artists who often donít have any special education and, consequently, act against generally accepted canons. The word crystal in the title of the exhibition is associated with the various facets of a crystal.  As a result of this "natural" creative approach to all facets of human life, to any activity, whether it is painting or esoteric practices, a real work of art can appear. 

This is not the first large-scale solo exhibition of Maschitskaya in Moscow. Everybody who is already familiar with her paintings, notice, how skillfully she works with color. Through color Irina is able to convey any personal impression - musical, visual, literary.  In the works that are included in the exhibition, these impressions are mostly related to the esotericism and self-knowledge. To express this through color is a really significant task for the artist and the painter. 

Being the architect by her education some few years ago, Irina Maschitskaya designed and spearheaded the construction of Buddhist stupa on the lake Baikal. Stupa was constructed in the framework of the author's own charitable project on the Ogoy island of Olhonskiy area.  Tibetan Lama Ranrig Dorje Rinpoche blessed "stupa of Great Bliss", which became one of the main attractions of those places. 

The exhibition is held with the participation of the fund GRANY and Asti gallery.