Aleksandr Vasiliev
01.11.2008 - 06.12.2008

From the 1st of November 2008 the exhibition of paintings by Alexander Vasiliev takes place in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery. The leader of the group "Spleen" appears in a quality unexpected for  broad audience - as an artist. 

The "Spleen" has combined elements of Russian rock of the 80's with the English rock of the 90's.Texts of Alexander Vasiliev for the moment – are one of the best song texts in Russian language. Many listeners can catch the connection with a Russian classical poetry and the poetry of the early 20th century. In the manuscripts of the important poets of the past, those we studied at school, the poetic lines often go along with the drawings. Exhibition of Vasiliev’s paintings is the phenomenon of the same order. 

In fact, art works by Alexander Vasiliev are about the same as his texts. The songs and images are linked, with the main link - the author himself, and the prevailing metaphor is the theme of hero, his loneliness in a big city. 

Typically, gifted people are talented in many manifestations.  And it’s always curious to see how a deep and versatile personality, realized in his field and internally mature expresses himself through the other means of art. After all, Beauty can be shown through the harmony of sounds, the brightness of colors, the polysemy of symbols, and the expressiveness of plastics, which gives us the opportunity to look at familiar things in new ways. 

The use of pictorial language is very tempting for the musician. Turning to another type of activity, Vasiliev uses other means of perception and realizes himself in the visual field, embodying his aspiration for the maximum integrity of the creative message.

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Александр Васильев «Живопись» Александр Васильев «Живопись» Александр Васильев «Живопись» Александр Васильев «Живопись»
Александр Васильев «Живопись» Александр Васильев «Живопись» Александр Васильев «Живопись»