Exhibition of work by Vladimir Urizchenko  
6.12.06 - 29.01.07  


The artist Vladimir Uruzchenko can be called unique without any exaggeration. Painter, graphic artist, chaser, sculptor, wood carver, jeweler, silversmith – it is not even a full list. More than this – in each of the techniques Urizchenko achieves the highest skill. One of his chased work enrich the private Rockefeller's gallery in America, the other – graphical one – is in the private gallery of Akira Kurosava in Japan.

Vladimit Urizchenko was born in the Poltava region; in 1961 he moved to Buryatia. Looking at his works it is difficult to imagine that their author is not an oriental person. Thus much the outer appearance and the inner essence of the images are inseparable, thus much they are imbued with East and its traditions. For a long time Vladimir Urizchenko was decorating the temples' exteriors of Ivolgin, Egituisky, Gegetuisky, Hushur-Uzursky dazans in Buryatia. For more than 30 years he was communicating with Lamas, who became real spiritual masters for him.

In Elena Vrublevskaya gallery Vladimir Urizchenko presents the graphical series. In this graphics he uses his own creative method, which has the element of unpredictability, intuitive flash of inspiration in the process of the image birth. Urizchenko draws very fast, on one breath, improvising, and drawing one line without any stop till the end. If the mistake or error occurred in the process of creating the drawing, paper sheet is spoilt and everything starts from the beginning. The same way did the ancient oriental calligraphists who wrote hieroglyphs.

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