Personal exhibition of Andrey Krasulin
19.10.05 – 12.11.05

From October 19 till November 12 personal exhibition of Moscow painter and sculptor Andrey Krasulin takes place in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery. The author plans to show his pictorial and sculptured works. The exposition includes some works, which were not displayed at the exhibition in Tretyakovskaya gallery (on February 2005). Cocurrebntly with the exhibition in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery one can see the works of Andrey Krasulnin in the Russian Museum in St Petersburg.

It’s not occasional, that this exhibition of Andrey Krasulin’s works is opened in the gallery, heading for Eastern cultural traditions. “Any art is dzen-buddhism in diverse ways of its manifestation”, - says Andrey Krasulin. “ people of art call it “the things keeper”. In the sense that it works with mother-nature and father-space according to the principle “not to hurt”. Let you yourself disappear and help the thing or the object to find its place in the world. This far-eastern ethical imperative Krasulin calls the word “fengshui” – that is not to leave a trace.” (S.Hachaturov, “Vremya Novostei”)

Andrey Nikolaevich Krasulin was born in Moscow in 1934. In 1949 he entered the sculpture class of Moscow Arts School, in 1953 – Moscow High Art-Industrial College, Department of Monumental and Decorative Sculpture. Krasulin’s creative biography was not typical for the painter who, according to his own opinion, during the years of studies “has become filled in with disgust to what they called sculpture” (from the press-release to the exhibition in Tretyakov gallery). Moving to another workshop in 1991, Krasulin was sure he won’t deal with sculpture any more. And immediately after that new big series of sculptures and constructions appeared. “A man of great inner freedom and a very attractive view of the world”, - writes the painter’s wife, a writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya. “I can say that for many years we had the same sources of inspiration”.

Andrey Krasulin’s paintings and sculpture works as well as he himself as a personality are of great interest. ”I am painter-beginner”, - says Andrey Krasulin about himself. “I had to spend the whole of my life to understand – there’s no “then”. There’s only “now”.

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